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According to the Official site of Twitter, twitter states itself as a marketing tool to help business to target their audiences precisely, which brings business to hit their market. However according to the Statistic Brain total number of active registered Twitter users are about 500 million (Statistic Brain, 2013). So, how do we as a marketer need to do in order to reach our target audiences successfully and effectively? I will share some tips that help marketer to market on twitter.

Firstly, your twitter account’s profile should have linked to your company. To do that, began with your account name that should match your company. Then, your profile like profile image that should be a square image that best represent you or your business. Header image should also match you or your business as well. Finally, the keywords are the source that people could be able to reach you by searing; therefore, you might also be writing something that describes your business or you (0Hines, 2013)



Then, we need to provide excitements on the twitter. For example, a big product or service launch, we might countdown the event on twitter in order to let our audiences get awareness and also it attracts people attention (Molina, 2013).

There are many good influencers on the twitter, so you do not want to miss the chance to partner with them. For example, if you have software that wanted to market on twitter, you should get some famous influencers to retweet for you. It will significantly increase the awareness of your product (Molina, 2013).

Finally, according to Laura lakes, a marketer specialized in marketing strategies for small and medium size businesses, indicates that twitter marketing is just about communication. If you seem twitter is just a tool to make promotion, it will not work. Twitter is a place that your company can make friends with customers, and you can interact with your customer by simply reply or retweet. Once you have shown your follower that you wanted to engage and to be involved with them so that would provide great customer experiences to all your customers.

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