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IGN describes itself as a leading online media & services company obsessed with gaming, entertainment and everything guys enjoy. This company has its websites in American, U.K., Australia and Germany, therefore, the web traffic does not seem to low. By looking at IGN’s goal, “dominate the search rankings for keywords related to any video games and gaming system reviewed on the site” (IGN Cop, nd) we could find that the revenue point of IGN is its traffic because the more traffic it has, the more ad sales are for IGN.

However, According to SEO Inc, one of the top search engine optimization companies in the world, its case study shows that IGN was faced that few challenges. SEO case study identifies that IGN website was not well optimized, and it has serious architectural issues which prevented search engine spiders from thoroughly and consistently crawling the site (Sec Inc, n.d)

From the case study, SEC sends a team to IGN Corporation in order to teach them how to manage content with the best practices. The results that IGN archive are as follow:

  1. After the optimization done by SEO, unique visitor to IGN websites was doubled within the first two months.
  2. Organic search engine traffic has been increased over 1500%
  3. and were acquired as their web properties due to massive growth in traffic and revenues.
  4. IGN finally was bought worth 650 million by News Corp.




Therefore, I found that SEO was being considered as an investment by IGN because they had a pretty high traffic they found SEO. The result also shows that SEO was a well-invested because of the growing revenue and Acquisitions.

Trond Lyngbo also lists some reason that SEO is needed.

He claims that we should consider SEO as an investment rather than cost. It plays an important role in company’s marketing mix. You can found more detail on his post listed blow (Lyngbo, 2012)




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