Viral Marketing

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Viral marketing refers are month of words that use existing social networking services and other technologies to increase the brand awareness a targeted brand or simply the sales of a product. It can take the form of video clips, flash games, emails, text messages or web pages to deliver the message to viewers. I believe that it is a very effective way to advertise your customers because it cost less than many other marketing methods such as paid search, TV ads, and so on. I will introduce two successful companies that use viral marketing to promote their products.

The first one is Blendtec that using “will it blend as viral marketing to promote it product, blender. The campaign “will it blend” consists of a series of infomercials demonstrating the Blendtec line of blenders. In the show “will it blend”, productr Tom Dickson attempts blending various many items that seems not blendable including iPhone, goal balls, and coke cans to show off the powers of its blender. This campaign is very successful because according to an article, the sale of the blender has increased five times since the marketing campaign started (Nicole, 2007), and also it has attracted more than 160 million views.


The second company that has used viral marketing to promote its products is Orabrush. Dr. Robert Wagstaff the inventor of the tongue cleaner states that he has been only selling 10 tongue cleaners a month 3 each for about a decade after the launch of the product. However, he spent 450 dollars to create a video, Diaries of a Dirty Tongue, and paid $30 a day on YouTube to promote it. The amazing results were that the video has been viewed by 900,000 people and 20 percent of people clicked to Orabrush’s website, and sold about 10,000 tongue cleaners in just six weeks after. The long-term results were more than 15 million views and one million product sales (Mccorvey, 2011).


Indeed, the result tells the truth that viral marketing could be a very successful marketing method.

Will it blend

YouTube video of Will it Blend


YouTube video of Orabrush


Click Frauds

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Click frauds

While Google earns a large proportion of its profit from ads every year, architecture clickbot has become a major issue that Google has to deal with in order to keep its core business, ads, growing healthily. How click frauds affects ads on Google? Basically, Google would charge the advertisers by it cost-per-click (CPC) system, which means once the ads is being clicked, Google will charge one time. Therefore, unethical businesses would click ads from its competitor to promote its ads. This action has created clickbot, which specializes, in clicking ads on Internet.

According to the case, The Anatomy of Clickbot.A from Google click quality and security team, architecture clickbot is known as software that click ads from search engine to generate traffic and conduct click fraud. There are many kinds of clickbots on the Internet. However, we usually divide them into two groups which are “for-sales” and Malware(Daswani, Stoppelman, n.d)

For sales clickbot is purchasable software that people can buy from online. This type of clickbot uses anonymous proxies to generate traffic with ip diversity. However, this type of ip diversity is not enough to hide click fraud attacks; therefore, the traffic generated by them is identifiable. For example, Google search engine will automatically identify the unusually large attempt to an ad; especially these clicks are from closed ip range or identifiable clickbots.

However, Google click quality and security teams also points out that the malware type of clickbot is not that easy to identified as it will spread out to many users in order to be IP diversity. The research claims that many anti-virus software sometimes do not defect these software as virus or malware; therefore, click frauds from this type of clickbot would impact ads on Google pretty badly.

According to Layton, Google reports an annually loss of $1 billion in revenue due to click frauds.




The Anatomy of Clickbot.A

How much click frauds costing

Click Frauds


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IGN describes itself as a leading online media & services company obsessed with gaming, entertainment and everything guys enjoy. This company has its websites in American, U.K., Australia and Germany, therefore, the web traffic does not seem to low. By looking at IGN’s goal, “dominate the search rankings for keywords related to any video games and gaming system reviewed on the site” (IGN Cop, nd) we could find that the revenue point of IGN is its traffic because the more traffic it has, the more ad sales are for IGN.

However, According to SEO Inc, one of the top search engine optimization companies in the world, its case study shows that IGN was faced that few challenges. SEO case study identifies that IGN website was not well optimized, and it has serious architectural issues which prevented search engine spiders from thoroughly and consistently crawling the site (Sec Inc, n.d)

From the case study, SEC sends a team to IGN Corporation in order to teach them how to manage content with the best practices. The results that IGN archive are as follow:

  1. After the optimization done by SEO, unique visitor to IGN websites was doubled within the first two months.
  2. Organic search engine traffic has been increased over 1500%
  3. and were acquired as their web properties due to massive growth in traffic and revenues.
  4. IGN finally was bought worth 650 million by News Corp.




Therefore, I found that SEO was being considered as an investment by IGN because they had a pretty high traffic they found SEO. The result also shows that SEO was a well-invested because of the growing revenue and Acquisitions.

Trond Lyngbo also lists some reason that SEO is needed.

He claims that we should consider SEO as an investment rather than cost. It plays an important role in company’s marketing mix. You can found more detail on his post listed blow (Lyngbo, 2012)




Reason of SEO

Detail on SEO

Twitter marketing

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According to the Official site of Twitter, twitter states itself as a marketing tool to help business to target their audiences precisely, which brings business to hit their market. However according to the Statistic Brain total number of active registered Twitter users are about 500 million (Statistic Brain, 2013). So, how do we as a marketer need to do in order to reach our target audiences successfully and effectively? I will share some tips that help marketer to market on twitter.

Firstly, your twitter account’s profile should have linked to your company. To do that, began with your account name that should match your company. Then, your profile like profile image that should be a square image that best represent you or your business. Header image should also match you or your business as well. Finally, the keywords are the source that people could be able to reach you by searing; therefore, you might also be writing something that describes your business or you (0Hines, 2013)



Then, we need to provide excitements on the twitter. For example, a big product or service launch, we might countdown the event on twitter in order to let our audiences get awareness and also it attracts people attention (Molina, 2013).

There are many good influencers on the twitter, so you do not want to miss the chance to partner with them. For example, if you have software that wanted to market on twitter, you should get some famous influencers to retweet for you. It will significantly increase the awareness of your product (Molina, 2013).

Finally, according to Laura lakes, a marketer specialized in marketing strategies for small and medium size businesses, indicates that twitter marketing is just about communication. If you seem twitter is just a tool to make promotion, it will not work. Twitter is a place that your company can make friends with customers, and you can interact with your customer by simply reply or retweet. Once you have shown your follower that you wanted to engage and to be involved with them so that would provide great customer experiences to all your customers.

Twitter Company Statistics

Tip for marketing on Twitter

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Advantages of Real-Time Marketing

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According to Viskovich, currently acting as the sensei of sales enablement with HootSuite’s enterprise sales team and recently named Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals of 2013., the process that enable markets to capitalize on real time events and deliver a relevant message to the right person at the right time is the real time marketing. He takes Oreo’s “you can still dunk in the dark” campaign as an example for the real time marketing. He indicates that Oreo’s photo of illuminated Oreo cookies took a huge storm into social media world within nearly a min.


The message from Oreo’s twitter was on the Superbowl power shortage, and the tweet was being re-tweeted over 15,000 times and follower increased by about 8000. Moreover, Oreo’s Facebook gained more than 19,000 likes and enhance the follower on instagram from only 2000 to 36,000 along with over 16,000 pictures submitted.

At his posting, I found that there are six advantages that we could have by boosting a real time marketing campaign

  1. Develop a business culture that encourages speed over sloth
  2. Read buying signals as people interact with your online information
  3. Engage reporters to shape stories as they are being written
  4. Command premium prices by delivering products at speed
  5. Deploy technology to listen in on millions of online discussions and instantly engage with customers and buyers
  6. Crowdsource product development, naming, and even marketing materials such as online videos

Today, the technology gives consumer great power to change the way we interact with them. About 42% of consumers want brands to response his/her concerns within one hour included weekend (Juio Viskovich, 2013)

As the response should be made immediately to customers, pPorter points out that we should build a rapid response team to solve the issue.

We should hire a senior news professional who has workedin a real-time news environment like CNN. He has to be familiar with news breaking and acting quickly to get the story on-time.

We also need a social media strategist because this is the person that best understand all our online communities

Public relations professional is also needed because if our news and social media experts do not have a PR background, we shall need one.

Social analyst, copywriter, these are people who monitoring and writing our words that we wanted to be communicated.

Designer is the person to build visual format such as photos to issue we discussed.

Finally, legal is the issue we cannot avoid. When we need to respond or communicate in real time, we need a real time approval of our messaging from legal (Jeremy Porter, 2013)


Why should we as markets understand our customer in order to have higher customer experience?

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I believe that a successful business must have a clear perspective of its customer. Providing good customer care is a good way to understand your customers because while you are listening your customers, you are actually collecting useful data for your business. According to Agadoni, we should be able to understand customers’ needs in order to shift their purchasing decision towards our business. She indicates that once marketers understand customer’s behavior, they are able to form plans in order to help them meet customers’ needs. Eventually, this would lead customer to choose your product that could boost your business profit. Also, it helps to predict customers’ demand that might also influence buyer’s purchasing decision (Agadoni, n.d).


RonRogowski claims that we should also provide clear information to our product in order to boost customer experience because of mobile devices. He states that these mobile devices put a lot of power that customers are able to access information anywhere. These devices have driven customer expectations to new way between customers and businesses because now customers also have open world to compare any product they want from Internet. As a result, we should start to build a digital customer experience strategy. These strategy should give customer great experiences across all kind of web information. The example of this strategy would be providing mobile apps for customers.


This image from Cynthia Boris shows how important we should understand our customers in order to improve the customer experiences. I believe that this number would still increase with the increasing number of mobile devices.

Data mining

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Data mining is not just for middle or large size business, it is also a way to enhance the performance of small business! Small-sized business owners may complain that collecting data and manage the database system would be costly. However, data mining is not just meant to hire professional or buy expensive software to do so. As all businesses have to record their daily base such as inventory, sales, owners could be able to deeply excavate much useful information in order to improve their business performance.

Usually, a small business analyzes its data to see how the sales go and keep the inventory at certain level. Therefore, after certain time of collecting and reviewing these data, your small company already has a large size of data but you might not be aware of it. These data would easily help you understand your customers better and you could be able to predict product trends. Some experts recommend that small business‘s initial data mining should focus on two aspects: operations and marketing. It is clearly, that many small businesses focus on the operations and forget about the market because the operations really link to the money! From the point of view of a market, these data are very useful to analyze because owners can picture customers behaviors and be able to attract the customers by meeting customers’ needs. builds a fanatics example of data mining because every time I log on my amazon account, amazon will automatically display a lot of items that I might be interested. Clearly, I will not buy all of these items but as analyze my purchasing behavior and the items displaying are more accurate to catch my interest, then I would make my purchase on amazon soon. However, small business could not spend such amount of money into data mining, but still keep their accruate and simply anaylize the customers behaviour and trends of products would bring more long-term benefits to them.