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Viral marketing refers are month of words that use existing social networking services and other technologies to increase the brand awareness a targeted brand or simply the sales of a product. It can take the form of video clips, flash games, emails, text messages or web pages to deliver the message to viewers. I believe that it is a very effective way to advertise your customers because it cost less than many other marketing methods such as paid search, TV ads, and so on. I will introduce two successful companies that use viral marketing to promote their products.

The first one is Blendtec that using “will it blend as viral marketing to promote it product, blender. The campaign “will it blend” consists of a series of infomercials demonstrating the Blendtec line of blenders. In the show “will it blend”, productr Tom Dickson attempts blending various many items that seems not blendable including iPhone, goal balls, and coke cans to show off the powers of its blender. This campaign is very successful because according to an article, the sale of the blender has increased five times since the marketing campaign started (Nicole, 2007), and also it has attracted more than 160 million views.


The second company that has used viral marketing to promote its products is Orabrush. Dr. Robert Wagstaff the inventor of the tongue cleaner states that he has been only selling 10 tongue cleaners a month 3 each for about a decade after the launch of the product. However, he spent 450 dollars to create a video, Diaries of a Dirty Tongue, and paid $30 a day on YouTube to promote it. The amazing results were that the video has been viewed by 900,000 people and 20 percent of people clicked to Orabrush’s website, and sold about 10,000 tongue cleaners in just six weeks after. The long-term results were more than 15 million views and one million product sales (Mccorvey, 2011).


Indeed, the result tells the truth that viral marketing could be a very successful marketing method.

Will it blend

YouTube video of Will it Blend


YouTube video of Orabrush


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