Click Frauds

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Click frauds

While Google earns a large proportion of its profit from ads every year, architecture clickbot has become a major issue that Google has to deal with in order to keep its core business, ads, growing healthily. How click frauds affects ads on Google? Basically, Google would charge the advertisers by it cost-per-click (CPC) system, which means once the ads is being clicked, Google will charge one time. Therefore, unethical businesses would click ads from its competitor to promote its ads. This action has created clickbot, which specializes, in clicking ads on Internet.

According to the case, The Anatomy of Clickbot.A from Google click quality and security team, architecture clickbot is known as software that click ads from search engine to generate traffic and conduct click fraud. There are many kinds of clickbots on the Internet. However, we usually divide them into two groups which are “for-sales” and Malware(Daswani, Stoppelman, n.d)

For sales clickbot is purchasable software that people can buy from online. This type of clickbot uses anonymous proxies to generate traffic with ip diversity. However, this type of ip diversity is not enough to hide click fraud attacks; therefore, the traffic generated by them is identifiable. For example, Google search engine will automatically identify the unusually large attempt to an ad; especially these clicks are from closed ip range or identifiable clickbots.

However, Google click quality and security teams also points out that the malware type of clickbot is not that easy to identified as it will spread out to many users in order to be IP diversity. The research claims that many anti-virus software sometimes do not defect these software as virus or malware; therefore, click frauds from this type of clickbot would impact ads on Google pretty badly.

According to Layton, Google reports an annually loss of $1 billion in revenue due to click frauds.




The Anatomy of Clickbot.A

How much click frauds costing

Click Frauds


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