Advantages of Real-Time Marketing

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According to Viskovich, currently acting as the sensei of sales enablement with HootSuite’s enterprise sales team and recently named Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals of 2013., the process that enable markets to capitalize on real time events and deliver a relevant message to the right person at the right time is the real time marketing. He takes Oreo’s “you can still dunk in the dark” campaign as an example for the real time marketing. He indicates that Oreo’s photo of illuminated Oreo cookies took a huge storm into social media world within nearly a min.


The message from Oreo’s twitter was on the Superbowl power shortage, and the tweet was being re-tweeted over 15,000 times and follower increased by about 8000. Moreover, Oreo’s Facebook gained more than 19,000 likes and enhance the follower on instagram from only 2000 to 36,000 along with over 16,000 pictures submitted.

At his posting, I found that there are six advantages that we could have by boosting a real time marketing campaign

  1. Develop a business culture that encourages speed over sloth
  2. Read buying signals as people interact with your online information
  3. Engage reporters to shape stories as they are being written
  4. Command premium prices by delivering products at speed
  5. Deploy technology to listen in on millions of online discussions and instantly engage with customers and buyers
  6. Crowdsource product development, naming, and even marketing materials such as online videos

Today, the technology gives consumer great power to change the way we interact with them. About 42% of consumers want brands to response his/her concerns within one hour included weekend (Juio Viskovich, 2013)

As the response should be made immediately to customers, pPorter points out that we should build a rapid response team to solve the issue.

We should hire a senior news professional who has workedin a real-time news environment like CNN. He has to be familiar with news breaking and acting quickly to get the story on-time.

We also need a social media strategist because this is the person that best understand all our online communities

Public relations professional is also needed because if our news and social media experts do not have a PR background, we shall need one.

Social analyst, copywriter, these are people who monitoring and writing our words that we wanted to be communicated.

Designer is the person to build visual format such as photos to issue we discussed.

Finally, legal is the issue we cannot avoid. When we need to respond or communicate in real time, we need a real time approval of our messaging from legal (Jeremy Porter, 2013)


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