Why should we as markets understand our customer in order to have higher customer experience?

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I believe that a successful business must have a clear perspective of its customer. Providing good customer care is a good way to understand your customers because while you are listening your customers, you are actually collecting useful data for your business. According to Agadoni, we should be able to understand customers’ needs in order to shift their purchasing decision towards our business. She indicates that once marketers understand customer’s behavior, they are able to form plans in order to help them meet customers’ needs. Eventually, this would lead customer to choose your product that could boost your business profit. Also, it helps to predict customers’ demand that might also influence buyer’s purchasing decision (Agadoni, n.d).


RonRogowski claims that we should also provide clear information to our product in order to boost customer experience because of mobile devices. He states that these mobile devices put a lot of power that customers are able to access information anywhere. These devices have driven customer expectations to new way between customers and businesses because now customers also have open world to compare any product they want from Internet. As a result, we should start to build a digital customer experience strategy. These strategy should give customer great experiences across all kind of web information. The example of this strategy would be providing mobile apps for customers.


This image from Cynthia Boris shows how important we should understand our customers in order to improve the customer experiences. I believe that this number would still increase with the increasing number of mobile devices.





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